Ono, The Story

On the islands of Hawaii life moves to the rhythm of the wind and the sun, the tides and the moon.

Endless golden beaches meet the roar of the ocean. Ancient volcanoes breathe out across the archipelago, gently enriching and replenishing the soil.

This is the land of plenty.

‘ONO’ is Hawaiian for delicious

Poké cuisine is a natural feast of balanced avours & textures. Sliced & diced to create healthy, nutritious meals for everyone on the go.

‘ONO’ is fueled by freshness

From the ocean comes wholesome seafood, seaweed and sea salt. From the fertile valleys come seasonal greens, seeds, grains and nuts.

‘ONO’ is spirited & vibrant

Hawaiian poké is as good for the mind as it is for the body. Brilliant colourful bowls of wholesomeness are as visually tempting as they are deliciously tasty.

In Hawaii, there is a saying: When you eat poké, you eat from the hand of the gods.

We live by an Ethos where we believe, if you put good into your body, you will get good out.

Driven by a lack of sustainable and healthy food options in Johannesburg, ONO was born with one mission: encourage healthier eating.

Anthony Theodosiou

The ONO family is committed to sourcing and offering its customers only the freshest ingredients, completely sustainable and locally produced and sourced.

We also believe in keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible and serve all our product in completely bio degradable material.

What is Poké?

(Poké (Po-Keh) /poʊˈkeɪ/ verb


– Hawaiian to ‘slice’ or ‘dice, this dish is a traditionally Hawaiian starter. Fishermen would take their fresh daily catches of Tuna and other meaty fish and chop it into cubes, and eat it right then and there – no compromise on freshness or flavour.


Yoghurt + 3 toppings

Black rice (comes as is)

Chia seed bowl (comes as is)

Overnight oats (+3 toppings)

Chocolate protein pudding (comes as is)

Açai bowl (comes as is)

Matcha bowl (comes as is)

Build your own (medium 380ml 40, large 500ml 50)

1. Base choice (milk, almond milk, coconut milk)

2. Protein flavour (Berry, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, plant)

3. Toppings (+2 add ons for 380ml, +3 add ons for 500ml)

House Shake

1. Lunchbar

2. Hulk

3. Gymbro

4. English Breakfast

5. Big Boy (not confirmed)

6. iGreen (not confirmed)

Build your own (Medium 89, Large 118)

​1. Base choice (black/brown/white rice, greens)

2. Protein (salmon, tuna, prawn, chicken, veg/tofu)

3. Toppings (All add ons as per customer requirements, additional charge may apply to come like avo

House bowls (Medium 89, Large 118)

1.​ Salmon Poke

2. Tuna Poke

3. Prawn Poke

4. Chicken Poke

5. Veg/Tofu Poke

**any extras here will be charged

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